Kosmas Lab

High quality work, which ensures the… most beautiful smiles for the patients!

Welcome to the dental laboratory of Konstantinos Kosmas, Kosmas Lab, which is located in Larissa and stands out for the provision of innovative services in all the prosthetics and implants works it undertakes.

Our main concern, at Kosmas Lab, is to achieve excellent results which shall meet the modern and ever-increasing demands and requirements of our sector. Thus, having a high degree of expertise and experience, we also take care of our continuous training in new techniques.

At the same time, our dental laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, which ensure the reliability and high quality of the most demanding works.

Under the supervision of Konstantinos Kosmas, we provide high quality dental results, of a perfect fit, high functionality and of a completely natural look!

“At Kosmas Lab, in Larissa, our wish is that you have the most beautiful smile and we can… ensure that you will have it!”


from Konstantinos Kosmas

I was born in Larissa in 1981. My first contact with dental laboratories took place when I was ten years old, as my father, Theodoros Kosmas, operated a dental laboratory in the city of Larissa, since 1968.

My father passed on to me the passion for dentistry, the passion for perfection, patience and perseverance in difficult times! These are also the most important features for a successful career in our industry.

Proceeding with these – as well as with ethics and respect for his clinical partners and colleagues, my father led our laboratory on an upward course and gained himself respect in the dental industry of our city and beyond.

In 2007 the direction of the dental laboratory passed over to the next generation. Since then, I have been taking care so that our reputation is maintained and our business is growing, with innovative dentistry services and continuous training in new techniques and materials!

In this context, my primary concern was the transition from analog dentistry to digital technology, with investments in digital scanners, digital cutting (CAD/CAM) systems and new modern materials.

My ultimate goals are:

  • to improve the quality of the services we provide
  • that the patients of the clinics that cooperate with us are always smiling and happy!
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Services of the Dental Laboratory

tab-akiniti prosthetiki kosmaslab

Fixed Dental Prosthetics

  • Dental Bridges-Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Inlays – Onlays
  • Digital Smile Design
tab-kiniti prosthetiki kosmaslab

Removable Prosthetics

  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • Splints
cad cam kosmaslab

Our modern equipment

With the use of the Cad/Cam cutting machine, the direct, reliable and detailed accuracy of our works is ensured!

tab 3d printer kosmaslab

Our modern technology

With the use of 3D Printing technology, we create high precision reconstructed parts easily and quickly!

The needs and requirements of the patients in terms of prosthetic works are constantly increasing. In order to fully cover these needs, our laboratory has invested and has been equipped with digital data recording systems (Scanner) and the respective software for the design of treatments and works.

The three software programs that have been selected by our laboratory cover all the modern needs of clinics


With the three cutting systems of our laboratory we provide ideal solutions, quickly and safely for the best possible results:


Our 3D Printers:


Our Areas
of expertise include:

  • Implant technology
  • All-ceramic constructions
  • Composite and functional restorations
  • Digital aesthetic solutions
  • Metal free works

Our team

All our laboratory associates are highly trained on our digital systems,
so that they can provide design solutions even when “it is not possible”.


Konstantinos Kosmas

CDT Director of the Laboratory


Georgios Kosmas

DT Removable Prosthetics


Maria Kosma

CDT-Dental Designer


Panagiotis Kounadis

Technical Engineering, 3D-Designer,<br /> Head of CAD-CAM Production, 3D-Printing


Evangelos Gelis

CDT-Ceramist, Specialist Monolithic Staining Technique


Apostolos Beis

Lab back office


Maria Besdemiotou

Front office – Secretary

Responding to
the modern requirements of dental technology,

we guarantee the perfect results of our works! You can trust Kosmas Lab.

Cases of our Laboratory