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We are distinguished for the perfection of our dental works in terms of aesthetics and functionality!

Dental Bridges – Crowns


They consist internally of a metal alloy (chrome-cobalt), which is externally covered by porcelain. They are distinguished for their high strength and durability and have a good fit. The manufacturing process of the metal frame takes place by Laser Sintering.

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They are entirely made of porcelain and are usually used on the front teeth. They have an excellent aesthetic performance due to their transparency and simulate, almost perfectly, the appearance of a natural tooth! Furthermore, they have a long life span. On the other hand, they are of limited strength, and therefore they are not always the right solution for the back teeth that are subjected to high pressures.


The frame is made of zirconium oxide, which can be found in nature. It is famous for its hardness, strength and durability, as well as for its excellent aesthetics. There are two methods of use of this material. In the first method the frame is externally covered by porcelain and in the second method it is entirely made from the same material (monolithic), with a make-up technique.

Zirconia Crowns have a very good fit and can be placed in any area of the mouth. Essentially, they have the aesthetic advantages of an all-ceramic crown, because their white color allows light to pass through the frame. They are also ideal for patients with bruxism. They are completely biocompatible, without causing allergies and oxidations.

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They are thin prosthetic restorations (thin layers). They are glued to the front surface of natural teeth, to close gaps or to change the color of the teeth. They are made of lithium bisilicate and all-ceramic materials with the CAD-CAM process (or Feldspathic veneers – with a fire clay moulding manufacturing process).

- Onlays

Additional solutions for the back teeth. They are made of Resin and Ceramic materials.

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(Digital Smile Design)

With DSD we can design better smiles! We create a treatment plan, working as a team and effectively. The patient can view in advance the final result, before the dentist intervenes on the natural teeth!

and Partial Dentures

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  • Bruxism Splint
  • Whitening Splint
  • Protective Splint
  • Surgical Splint
  • Sleep apnea (Snoring) Splint
  • Radiopaque Splint

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